Curly hair is a blessing but offers challenges to keep it looking top shelf

Have you thought about cutting those curly locks? Well, DON” T! Even if you think your hair may be too dry or damaged; it can always be repaired. On the issue of dryness, many factors have a hand in the cookie jar. Dryness can result from improper care, the environment, poor products, lack of knowledge, but the main issue for most people comes down to washing your hair too much.

Contrary to popular belief you should not be washing your hair on a daily basis unless you’re in an occupation that leaves your hair visibly soiled (concrete dust, dirt, oil) you should not be washing your hair daily. Instead try washing with shampoo once a week, if you find your hair is too oily bump it up to two times a week. For the remainder of the week use a conditioner or rinse with water.

Helpful Information:

*When washing your hair, make sure to use shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo strips everything out of your hair, Conditioner restores it. Conditioner also is only effective as long as it is in the hair. 

When showering, wash your hair first. Rinse the shampoo, apply conditioner and let it sit in your hair until you complete your shower to ensure your hair gets the maximum amount of moisture.

Follow up with a good hair product regimen. For advice or recommendations, please reach out to me on Facebook or my other social media under TheDoubleUpExperience.

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