Top 3 Ways To Have A Better Beard

A better beard is just a few steps away. Follow these pro tips:

  1. Do not have your beard cut to your jawline. It does give your jaw a more angular appearance. If your beard is cut to your jawline, it gives the appearance of a double chin. To avoid this the bottom line of your beard should be lined up at the Adam’s Apple or slightly above it.

    Tip #1 Keep the bottom line 1-2 fingers width above the Adam’s Apple

  2. The facial hair on your cheeks needs to be longer than the hair on your jawline. You may be thinking that your beard is going to be uneven. If that was your thought, you are misinformed. If the hair on your cheeks is equal to the length on the bottom it will give a fuller, even appearance.

    Tip #2 Let the hair on your face get to the same length as hair on your jawline


  3. Take care of your facial hair! You need to be using beard oil, and balm on a daily basis to maintain moisture, softness, and to prevent breakage.

    Beard Balm

    Beard Oil

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